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We Are The Leader in the Floor Covering Business

Sherland & Farrington, a founding member of Fuse Alliance, has proudly covered floors in and around New York for well over a half century. Our clients work with us time and time again for one simple reason… we deliver the highest standard of service on every project we work on. We look forward to working with you.

Dwayne Sherland


Our Mission

To provide our customers with the complete satisfaction of their floor covering requirements through continual education and experience.

Our Vision

To understand all aspects of the floor covering we work with to provide our customers with superior project management and installations.

Our Objectives

To create long-term loyalty by delivering the highest standard of service available in the commercial flooring market to every customer we serve.

Our history

Know Our History


Getting Started

Sherland & Farrington was founded by Harold E. Sherland. Our first offices were on Warren Street and then moved to the famed Woolworth building for many years.


Moving On Up – Just Not Where You May Think

In 1980 the company moved up to Canal Street into a building with warehouse space and a loading dock.


Continued Expansion

We made a decision to increase our commitment to our in house labor force and purchased a warehouse in Queens. This increased investment of space, equipment, and trucks have enabled us to respond to the quickly changing needs of our clients.


Changing of the Guard

With the passing of Harold Sherland, the management of the company was passed on to Harold's sons who continue to oversee operations to the present day, giving Sherland & Farrington three generations of leadership in the flooring industry.


Strength and Knowledge Through Association

Sherland & Farrington banded together with several other independent flooring contractors to create ReSource Commercial Flooring Network, which was rebranded and turned into Fuse Alliance in 2012. Fuse Alliance members represent $1.7 billion in annual sales and services.

What Our Clients Say


We understand the true nature of partnership. Our relationships run deeper than simply providing floor covering services, as we have founded our reputation on delivering the best service and results.

On my behalf , Please inform your installers they have done an incredible job for the past 6 weekends, and of course including the past floors change outs, they have been very professional, informative and work closely as a team to get the job done in a timely manner. I am very impressed!


I was on site earlier today to punch-list walk the space with the engineer, RDA.

Upon arrival, the client I was dealing with directly @ DXC notified me that the CEO of the company had visited the site earlier and made the argument that the buildout of the showroom was the best he has seen in 7 years.

I would be remised if I failed to acknowledge the work done by you all and your crews. This project was a testament to your hard work and dedication.
Thank you for the product you put together. I hope to see you all on the next one.

Francisco Ovalle

Senior Project Manager
Americon HITT

I want to thank the both of you for not only taking the time to come up to 787 this morning but for also stepping up the way you did. It just reinforces why I prefer to work with S&F over any other flooring contractor.

Thank you very much.


Senior Project Manager
Construction Management Company

I would like to share with you how pleased I am with the vendors performances; their contributions to the success of the Mock-Up build out were tremendous and should be recognized.
Sherland & Farrington accommodated the expedited schedule with mid-night installations, working around other trades.
These are wonderful partners to our success on the projects.
Thank you.
Warm Regards,


Senior Project Manager, Corporate Occupier & Investor Services
Commercial Property Management Company

Hi Dwayne –
This is just a quick note to thank you PROFUSELY for the incredible carpet installation at 4 PATH Plaza! The carpet is beautiful and I heard the installation team was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Please pass our thanks along to your installation team. We are very grateful for the generous contribution and effort.

Chanda Gibson

Executive Director
New Jersey Needs You

Krista & Melissa,
Hi… I wanted you to know that Sherland has been great to work with on my NYC project, their team of installers are exceptional. Their installer Mike (sorry I don’t know his last name), went above and beyond to complete the SOW for Haworth. Mike was a pleasure to work with and represented both Interface and Shaw with a high level of professionalism.
A lot of areas are still covered with protection, that should be removed by 11/25, I look forward to seeing the full installation on 11/26 when I return.
Thank you.

Thomas E. Schmidt


I wanted to pass along the email we just received from Tom Schmidt, Senior Facilities Project Manager for Haworth on the New York showroom project.
The entire Sherland team has been exceptional to deal with and have gone the extra mile to get things done on a difficult project.
To the entire Sherland team, thank you so much for your hard work on this project. Tom is a great guy but was very leery about working with us at a national level.
Your ability to take care of this project will lead to more opportunities with Haworth and other projects in the New York area.
We as Interface are only as good as our local installation teams and you guys are the best. Appreciate your dedication to partnering with Interface Services.
Thank you

David Beerens

Interface Services


Specialty Services


Still the king of all floor covering solutions, with a wide array styles ranging from classic to modern, almost nothing offers the comfort underfoot that this enduring standard can.

Carpet Tile

A stylish, modular option that offers endless possibilities in just about any application, particularly in occupied workspaces when keeping renovation disruption to a minimum is a must.

Polished Concrete

This is a relatively new favorite choice for finished floors because of its attractive appearance, extreme durability, and relatively low maintenance costs when compared to other flooring solutions.

Fuse Commercial Flooring Alliance
Install Floors: International Standards & Training Alliance
USGBC: US Green Building Council
BOWE Company
Greater New York Floor Coverers Association


For outstanding results on your next flooring project, contact Sherland & Farrington.

When you do business with Sherland & Farrington you can be certain we will do whatever it takes to satisfy you now and in the future. Our objective is to create long-term customer loyalty by delivering the highest standard of service available in the commercial flooring market.

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