Commercial Flooring Report

February 2021

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January 2021

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December 2020

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November 2020

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October 2020

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April 2020

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February 2020

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January 2020

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December 2019

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December 2018

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November 2018

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April 2018

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February 2018

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January 2018

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December 2017

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November 2017

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October 2017

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September 2017

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August 2017

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July 2017

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June 2017

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May 2017

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April 2017

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March 2017

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When You're Faced with Litigation

Vol.101, No.1  2.02 MB PDF

The 100th Issue!!! ... also Vinyl Shrinkage

Vol.100, No.1  2.36 MB PDF

Conditions of the Space

Vol.99, No.1  2.44 MB PDF

Woven Carpet and Installation ... Again

Vol.97, No.1  2.57 MB PDF

Fixing a Failed Flooring Installation

Vol.96, No.1  1.01 MB PDF

Ears Don't Have Ear Lids

Vol.93, No.1  1.02 MB PDF

Optimizing Flooring Performance

Vol.89, No.1  1.46 MB PDF

Your Floors and Falls

Vol.83, No.1  711 KB PDF

The Frivolity of Flooring Lawsuits

Vol.82, No.1  1.00 MB PDF

Formaldehyde Concerns

Vol.78, No.1  748 KB PDF

Unstable Flooring Materials

Vol.77, No.1  1.06 MB PDF

Areas of Responsibility

Vol.76, No.1  588 KB PDF

How Long Should Flooring Last?

Vol.73, No.1  1.00 MB PDF

The Floor Covering Abatement Dilemma

Vol.72, No.1  1.37 MB PDF

Discoloration of Resilient Floor Covering

Vol.71, No.1  1.29 MB PDF

The Multi-Family Housing Market

Vol.70, No.1  771 KB PDF

Flooring Product Failures

Vol.67, No.1  763 KB PDF

Winter Effects on Floor Covering

Vol.65, No.1  719 KB PDF

Waivers and Liens

Vol.64, No.1  767 KB PDF

CRI Commercial Model Specification

Vol.63, No.1  930 KB PDF

Installation Warranties

Vol.62, No.1  1.00 MB PDF

Poison Plastic Flooring

Vol.61, No.1  877 KB PDF

Tufted Weight vs. Finished Weight

Vol.59, No.1  1.75 MB PDF

Planar Instability in Floor Covering

Vol.58, No.1  846 KB PDF

Customer Expectations

Vol.57, No.1  1.22 MB PDF

Vinyl Flooring Problems

Vol.51, No.1  1.19 MB PDF

How Much Curl Is Acceptable

Vol.47, No.1  1.26 MB PDF

Congrats to a Colleague

Vol.46, No.1  1.12 MB PDF

Substrate Issues

Vol.45, No.1  1.05 MB PDF

Business is Picking Up

Vol.44, No.1  1.28 MB PDF

Woven Carpet and Installation

Vol.42, No.1  1.84 MB PDF

Flammability and Floor Covering

Vol.40, No.1  1.87 MB JPEG

Cracking in Concrete

Vol.35, No.1  1.26 MB PDF

Color Issues

Vol.33, No.1  1.74 MB PDF

Carpet Recycling Efforts

Vol.32, No.1  2.32 MB PDF

Resilient Flooring News

Vol.30, No.1  1.99 MB PDF

The Musings of a Tile Consultant

Vol.29, No.1  1.99 MB PDF

Common Causes of Flooring Failures: Part 2

Vol.28, No.1  2.05 MB PNG

Common Causes of Flooring Failures: Part 1

Vol.27, No.1  2.39 MB PDF

Information You Need To Know

Vol.26, No.1  1.33 MB PDF

Don't LEED Yourself Into Trouble

Vol.24, No.1  1.29 MB PDF

Winter's Effects on Flooring Materials

Vol.23, No.1  1.10 MB PDF

Concrete Testing: Doing It Right

Vol.22, No.1  1.63 MB PDF

A Smart Guide to PVC Backed Modular Carpet

Vol.21, No.1  1.50 MB PDF

NeoCon 2009

Vol.19, No.1  1.90 MB PDF

HD 2009 Expo

Vol.18, No.1  1.52 MB PDF

Carpet CSI

Vol.17, No.1  1.54 MB PDF

Challenges of 2008

Vol.15, No.1  1.10 MB PDF

The Most Sustainable Carpet Fiber: Wool

Vol.14, No.1  1.76 MB PDF

Protecting You and the Client's Investment

Vol.11, No.1  1.04 MB PDF

Maintenance Issues

Vol.10, No.1  1.11 MB PDF

ACAA Reply and Vinyl Issues

Vol.9, No.1  1.07 MB PDF

Be Aware of Dangerous Situations!

Vol.8, No.1  1.40 MB PDF

Carpet Myths and Facts

Vol.6, No.1  2.12 MB PDF

Beware of Imported Products

Vol.5, No.1  775 KB PDF

NeoCon 2007 and More

Vol.2, No.1  942 KB PDF

State of the Industry

Vol.1, No.1  380 KB PDF