The Asbestos Barrier System is a patented, high burst strength, laminated membrane material. It is laid directly over asbestos-containing material to provide an airtight encapsulation of hazardous materials. When combined with a high-PSI overlay of cement based patching material it creates a suitable surface for the subsequent application of any type of standard-industry flooring.

The Benefits:

Huge cost savings.
Typically costs 50% less than removal methods -- allowing you to stretch your budget dollars significantly.
Surface remains intact.
Requires minimal surface preparation with no disturbance of fibers.
Total coverage.
Provides flexible strength and a protective barrier that encloses the hazardous flooring for the life of the building.
Proven performance.
The ABS has a ten year performance history with the US Postal Service and many large school districts.
Lifetime warranty.
The Asbestos Barrier System is warranted to the life of the building.
Eliminates “Landfill Liability”
The removal and disposal of toxic materials is the sole responsibility of the owner regardless of the method of disposal. From transportation to an approved waste site and proper burial, or any future disturbance of the waste, either by nature or by man, the owner is always liable. There is no such liability for a “management-in-place” solution.

Asbestos management is a serious issue. Billions of dollars have been spent removing asbestos containing materials from schools, homes, and commercial buildings constructed prior to 1978. While spray compound encapsulation methods are the most common remedy for walls, ceilings and pipes, they are unable to address one large issue--flooring. Due to continuous wear and tear underfoot, spray compounds degrade and over time and cannot provide a protective shield against the release of airborne asbestos particles.

Installing carpet or tile over asbestos material is also not a viable solution as they cannot provide an airtight barrier, will wear over time, and allow fibers to go airborne. If either is installed over asbestos flooring, removal is the only possibility as the permeable and non-permanent materials wear and degrade. Owners know that removal is extremely expensive, requires inconvenient and expensive relocation of occupants, and opens them up to liability with offsite landfill storage.

Your solution has arrived: The Asbestos Barrier System (ABS). ABS can both eliminate facility occupants exposure to asbestos hazards AND help you avoid expensive abatement projects. The system is proven, practical, and – best of all – affordable. ABS has over twenty years of proven encapsulation success.

It has been used in schools, commercial buildings, and industrial settings across the United States.

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